NEW! Default Captions – Auto Apply Captions To Instagram Posts!

Save your most used captions in Apphi and auto apply captions when scheduling. Save a lot effort scheduling your Instagram!

After carefully picking the filter and finally finish editing your photos/videos, now you are facing the caption problem —

What caption can bring me more viewers and likes, but at the same time make my post looks cool? 😵😵

It can be short, long, cool, touching, or anything you want to pair with your posts. In the caption area, you can add a catchy text that makes sense to the posts, you can also tag someone with “@”. After the text and tag, you can include some popular hashtags that fit your posts and bring exposure to your page.

Come up with a new caption each time you post can be difficult and it takes time. But now, Apphi’s highly requested features – “Saved Caption”, “Default Caption” and “Suggested #” make this problem super easy!

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Add & Edit Your Most Used Captions For Easy Use

Introducing a new product? Announcing an update on your website? Encouraging your followers to interact? All these information are passing through the caption. It is an important channel to call for actions, so make sure that you have the right text that leads people to the right action.

Saved Caption by Apphi helps you organize all your most used captions. You can add and edit captions at the setting page, and quickly select the right one when you schedule a post. If you’re posting to Instagram multiple times a day, Saved Caption can help you save a lot more effort of typing the same text each time!

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Note: Click here for a detailed guide of how to add saved captions.

But don’t be too lazy🤨🤨, add some new words when you use saved captions. It will still bore your followers of seeing exact same captions every time!

Auto Apply Captions To Your Instagram Schedules

If you have several saved captions, it may still take some time to choose one when you schedule a post. With Apphi’s Default Caption, you can let us choose it for you!

Apphi will randomly auto apply your default captions or first comments when you schedule posts. You can also choose where to apply default captions, meaning that you can apply it on single post schedules, drag & drop schedules, search & repost, or bulk schedules. When you schedule your post on Apphi, the system will automatically apply the default captions in random order.

You can also manually edit the caption according to your post content. All you need to do is to click the NEXT button and you can finish scheduling the post in a second!

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Note: To learn more about how to manage Default Caption on Apphi, view our help guide here

Find Popular Hashtags By Categories

There are two strategies of adding hashtags to your posts, which one are you using? 

  1. Each time you have a new post, you come up with few hashtags that fit your post and type in each hashtag into your caption.
  2. You have a fixed list of hashtags and use it every time you post.

Seriously, none of the above is a good way to add hashtags. Coming up with new hashtags each time you post is not an easy task. Using exact same hashtags every time can cause you a shadowban!

You may have a question: why should I use hashtags on my Instagram?

Well, never underestimate the power of hashtags.

More Followers. Adding appropriate hashtags to the contents, you can attract people who have interests in the same niche to view your page. If they like your page, they may become your followers.

High Visibility. Hashtags can help you to get searched and exposed. Normally, people who actively search and explore are already engaged. Getting their follow may help you increase your impressions and reach.

More Sales. If you are managing a business account, getting more followers means higher opportunities of turning them into your customers. Also, using specific hashtags in your niche can catch the attention of people who have potential needs of the product you are selling.

Better Engagement. Many large media business accounts create unique hashtags and encourage people to post with. For example, @essie, a nail polish brand, creates monthly hashtags and encourages people to add in their posts to be featured. This kind of unique hashtags is a great channel for brands to communicate with their followers. By actively repost from followers, business accounts can increase their engagement rate.

Now you know how important is getting the right hashtags. Even though we are not saying that the more hashtags the better the result. But adding one more hashtag that fits your post may help you get exposed by searching this hashtag.

If you find it difficult to fill out all 30 hashtags, Apphi can help you!

For example, you are managing a fitness account and you are going to post a workout picture. Click Write a caption to open the caption page and click Suggested # under the caption box. You will see the most popular hashtags by categories. Scroll left and right to find the most relevant group for your post, and tap it to apply. Now you are ready to schedule your autopost!

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