Apphi: Schedule & Auto Post For Facebook 🤩🤩

Yes. You can now schedule & auto post to your Facebook with Apphi!

We know that many of our Apphi users are asking for this feature, and we are so excited to bring the new Facebook Autopost to Apphi!

It’s as easy as to schedule posts and story to Instagram! Plan ahead and relax. Your photos and videos will be automatically posted on your Facebook Page at the scheduled time – no notifications needed!

Download Apphi App For Free – Schedule and Auto Post on Instagram & Facebook

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Table of Content

  1. How to schedule posts to Facebook Page?
  2. How to schedule posts to Instagram and Facebook Page at the same time? (with different captions)


How To Schedule Posts To Facebook Page?

Step 1. Add Your Facebook Account To Apphi

Before you schedule posts to Facebook, make sure you have added your Facebook Page to your Apphi account.

Open Apphi, tap your Instagram name on the center top and tap “+ Add Social Account” > “Facebook Page“.


Click “Continue” when you see the popup window to sign in your Facebook. You can log in with Facebook app or with phone or email.


Click “Continue with …” and toggle on the Facebook Page you want to add to Apphi. Don’t forget to toggle on “Manage your Pages” and “Publish as Pages you manage“. Tap “Done” to finish.

Note: If you don’t see the Facebook Page you want to add in this step, please make sure that page is under your Facebook account on your Facebook app. You can open your Facebook App and tap the bottom right corner to see if the Pages are under your name.


Your Facebook Page is linked to your Apphi account, and you can now schedule posts to Facebook Page!

Step 2. Schedule Posts To Facebook Page

Currently, for Facebook Page schedule, Apphi supports schedule from Photo Library, Search & Repost and Bulk Schedule. Here we will quickly show you how to schedule from Photo Library.

Open Apphi > switch to your Facebook Page > tap Schedule > Photo Library

Select your photos from your Photo Library. If you want to post multiple photos in one post, tap the Carousel icon and select photos in order. Tap Next to continue.


Write a good caption for your Facebook post. You can use Saved Caption to select one from your list of captions. Click here to view a detailed guide on how to manage Saved Captions.

You can also add First Comment to your post. If you have set your default post time, Apphi will auto apply your default time. If you have multiple time settings, they will be applied in order. Otherwise, tap Next to set your post and delete time.

Hit Done! Your post will be automatically posted on your Facebook Page at your scheduled time.



Different from posting photos/videos on Instagram and share it to your Facebook Page, scheduling from Apphi allows you to add different captions when you schedule Instagram and Facebook posts at the same time.

Check the guide below to see how it works!

How To Schedule Posts To Instagram And Facebook Page At The Same Time?

Step 1. Select Photos

Open Apphi > switch to your Instagram account > tap Schedule > tap Photo Library > select photos > tap Next to continue


Step 2. Add Your Facebook Page

Tap the “+” icon next to your Instagram name, you can add your Facebook Page.


Step 3. Edit Post And Set Post Time

You can switch between your Instagram accounts and Facebook Page, and add different captions. But remember, the post times on Instagram and Facebook Page will be the same.


After you successfully upload your schedule, it will be saved separately under your Instagram account and Facebook Page at Apphi. If you wish to edit your schedule, don’t forget to check both places!



Isn’t it super easy?! Add your Facebook Page now and make good use of your Page to bring more traffic to your business!

Download Apphi App For Free – Schedule and Auto Post on Instagram & Facebook

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